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2024-05-23 09:17:38   Visit:152

A one-stop trade platform for China's advanced technology of industrial machinery and equipment

1. TIN2024 Indonesia Industrial Equipment and Parts (Joint) Exhibition is an international brand industrial exhibition co-sponsored by Hannover.

2. With the Indonesian Ministry of Industry, Indonesia's largest industrial machinery association GAMMA, IPF (Indonesia's largest packaging federation) ALI (Indonesia Logistics Association) and other business associations in full cooperation.

3. The exhibition site is rich in industrial equipment exhibits, food processing and food packaging, machine tools and metal processing, logistics technology and transportation system, plastic machinery and mold, power transmission and other eight categories of equipment compete on the same stage.

4. The site is full of activities, on-site high-profile China-Indonesia Manufacturing Dialogue Summit Forum, IPF (Indonesia's largest packaging federation) member unit activities, ALI (Indonesia Logistics Association) on-site meetings, procurement matchmaking and other high-quality activities.

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