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Welcome to theChangsha Manufacturing Expo, Sinbobooth W2-01, right there waiting for you!

2024-05-09 15:30:15   Visit:159

Changsha Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Expo (hereinafter referred to as "Changsha Smart Expo"), founded in 2000, has become a highly influential machinery industry exhibition in Hunan and central China after 24 years of careful cultivation. Changsha Smart Expo is committed to serving the industrial manufacturing industry in central China, and is an ideal trade platform for intelligent manufacturing equipment and industrial manufacturing equipment to conduct industry exchanges, promote brands, expand business and sell products, which will promote the digital and intelligent transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industry and promote the high-quality development of manufacturing industry in central China.

With the theme of "Intelligent Manufacturing Empowerment and Leading Industrial Upgrading", the 24th Changsha Smart Expo 2023 has attracted Pentium Laser, Minglei Laser, Ruitie Machine Tool, Shenzhen Huahui United, Nantong Guosheng Group, Heideman, Tsugami Precision, Beijing Dimeng CNC, Shenzhen Genesis, Suzhou Deyang, Jiangsu Dewan, Hunan Seiko, Xiamen Janssen, Changsha Taiqiao, Guilin Guanglu, Brandy, Chengdu Chengliang, ASSAB, Blue Sky Intelligent Logistics, Seebit Robot, Chaohong Robot, Pengju Robot, Hunan Zhiniu Intelligence, Changsha Shengen Electromechanical, Inovance Technology, Riye Electric, Panasonic Electric, Huazi Technology, Wasion Energy, Xiangneng Chutian, Jinbei Electrician, Valin Cable, Akkaston and other well-known brands appeared, displaying thousands of sets of products and equipment, and deducing the new achievements of intelligent manufacturing.

During the three days, the exhibition received a total of 41,208 professional visitors, the largest number of visitors in the history of the exhibition. Attract Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, Sunward Intelligence, Chutian Technology, Yuanda Air Conditioning, Yuanda Can be built, Yuanda Clean Air, Gree HVAC, China Railway Wuxin, CRRC Zhuzhou Vehicle, CRRC Zhuzhou Electric Locomotive, Zhuzhou Jiufang, Hunan Jiangbin Machinery, Hunan Ordnance, Yunjian Group, Geely Automobile, China Southern Aviation Development, Shengtong Group, Xiangdian Heavy Equipment, Nanchang Mining Machinery Group, BYD Automobile, GAC Mitsubishi Motors, Geely Automobile, Hunan Wuxin Intelligence, Hunan Dingli Technology, Zhuzhou Guochuang Railway, Zhuzhou Times New Materials, Southern Pratt & Whitney, Hunan Runwei, Jinneng Automation, Shuguang Electronics, Jingcheng Special Pottery, Zhuzhou Special Chain, Changsha Zhengzhong, Shanda Environmental Protection, Hengyang Tellhow, Xiangmei Lida, Kangpu Letter, Changsha Cigarette Factory, Hunan Xiangliang, Changde Tobacco Machinery, Zhuzhou Cemented Carbide and other leading enterprises in advantageous industries came to the exhibition site to watch new products, learn new technologies, and deeply connect with procurement needs.

The 2024 Changsha Smart Expo will be held at the Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center from May 11 to 13, 2024, with an estimated exhibition area of 50,000 square meters, focusing on CNC machine tools, laser sheet metal equipment, mold manufacturing, industrial automation, industrial robots, welding, surface treatment, electroplating and coating, intelligent warehousing and logistics, scientific instruments, industrial cleaning, energy conservation and environmental protection, hardware and electromechanical and other products and solutions.